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About Us

The start of your incredible journey with us

I Dream Namibia is a family-operated company, run by the Lambrechts Family, that has been offering first-class travel services and guidance in Namibia since 2015. 


They live just outside Windhoek in the scenic Khomas Hochland mountains where they do cattle and wildlife farming, from where they also operate their travel agency. They are passionate about the beauty Namibia beholds and invites you to either start or end your journey on their farm where you will experience the Namibian farming lifestyle and meet various orphaned wild animals such as meerkats, mongoose, warthogs and the famous 28-year old baboon, called Cindy. For more details of what you can experience on their farm, take a look HERE​.


Cindy (Baboon)

The farm matriarch. 

  • Age: 28 years old

  • Favourite food: Banana

  • Favorite pastime: Nurturing baby animals.

  • Fun fact: Don't touch her food!

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